Wednesday, December 31, 2014

What happened in 2014, Stay in 2014.

It is new year eve again, 2014 is coming to an end. I can't wait for this to come. 2014 is being too rough for me. But thank god, everything will eventually passed. I am happy of the end of 2014. I feel the change, and wanna go more with it. Let's flash back of my 2014 before it ends !

 There is a period I was so upset. But thanks to the period.
I learned to love myself more and nothing is important than being happy (:
 Thanks to the people who is being so supportive when I need them
 freedom return, and new journey begun
 my sweet girlfriend came over for my early birthday celebration

Christmas eve, pot luck in the office :D and had a great night!
Health program by company, We ran from the front to back in the whole china town in one hour
Can't wait for 2015 !

Thanks for a rough 2014. I am stronger, tougher & smarter. I make my life forward by push myself so hard. Through life, through work, and through mind. New life is coming, expired stuff please stay at past. I smell fun and changes. 2015, I CAN'T WAIT! Please come to me ♥

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